Your checklist to a successful Open Enrollment meeting Open enrollment is coming up fast. Are you prepared?

It can be difficult to manage all the moving parts as the time approaches for employees to enroll in benefits for the upcoming year. To help make it easier for you, we’ve put together some tips and a checklist. Good luck!

Schedule a meeting date and time before your enrollment period

  • Schedule a time that works for your employees, or hold multiple meetings, to make it as convenient as possible.
  • Provide employees plenty of notice so they can accommodate their schedules.
  • We recommend holding your meetings at least six weeks prior to your effective date (i.e. 1/1/18) so plan election changes or new members will receive their updated insurance card before the effective date.

Decide what the best format is for your meeting

  • Would your employees be most responsive to a presentation, a benefits fair, a Q&A session, or something else?

Partner with your benefit vendors to create enrollment and meeting materials

  • During the meeting, don’t overwhelm employees with too much information. Focus on a few key points – what do they need to know right now? Highlight any new features or changes to the benefit options.

Send enrollment materials in advance

  • The “chief health care officer” of the family may not be the employee. Encourage employees to review the benefit options at home and bring questions to the meeting.

Set clear deadlines

  • Communicate due dates and clarify what forms need to be completed.

Provide employees with resources on where to go if they have more questions

  • If possible, provide an intranet page with materials for employees to access later.
  • Member Services is a great place to call, whether you’re a new or existing member.

Tip: To get the best turnout, and ensure your employees receive the information they need for enrollment, make the meeting mandatory.

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