Julie Bunde

Senior Director of Product and Market Innovations. Julie Bunde is responsible for developing and managing HealthPartners’ group and individual commercial plans. Julie has 24 years of healthcare experience in Finance, Business Development and Product Development roles. She has helped our Employer Academy readers as she translates confusing healthcare subjects like the Affordable Care Act. She also provides guidance on various plan designs and how you can choose the best (and most affordable) health plan for your work place.

What to know about ACOs

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about ACO’s in recent years. But what exactly is an ACO? And how do you know if it’s a solution that could benefit your organization?

Decoding Affordable Care Act metal levels

The ACA requires health plans to provide four levels of coverage for small businesses, these are referred to as metal levels. Find out how these levels are set and what the difference in coverage is.

Fact or myth? Test your ACA knowledge

Affordable Care Act requirements can be challenging to understand. Can you separate the facts from the myths? Discover the truth about some of the most questioned topics.

Helping employees make better care decisions

Consumers today are overwhelmed with health care options. Helping members understand how to navigate care and choose the right place for their situation is more important than ever. Check out the answers to five popular questions on this topic.

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